A few things


First: I want to thank people for responding to my post on consent and the nature of the gods’. The comments have been incredibly thought-provoking and are helping me pin down my thoughts on the subject. (So far, it seems to be: consent as the issue is secondary to my concerns; the ability to speak of experiences without being shamed into silence is the more pressing matter. More on this once I get things more articulated because writing about them helps me process.) I’m sorry it takes me a while to get back to comments, but that’s not likely to change so please know that if I don’t respond for days, it’s not you, it’s me. 😉

Second: Holy crow, it’s almost July! For me this means that the Vigil for the Bulls is almost upon me. This is a time during which I sit with Poseidon and share the smallest bit of His Holy Grief. It’s an ordeal-focused observance, but He defines each year what that ordeal will be. So far they’ve run the gamut of physical ordeals to spiritual ones, and they are never, ever the way I except them to be, so even if I have an idea of the type it’ll be, it’s never what I think it will be. And that alone is pretty awesome, in the original meaning of the word. I’ve finally reached a place where I can take the second part of the vigil off, which means I’ll get to observe the Funerary Rites that I’ve been intending to incorporate in a way more in line with how I’ve wanted to.

I’m picking up The Power of the Bull for some thematic reading, though I suspect I’ll be annoyed before long and stop reading it pretty quickly, as always happens when I pick this book up.

Which brings me to the third thing: Once the 6th gets here I’ll be posting a bit, but it’s going to be a while before I get to comments. Again, please assume that this is a lack of time on my end and not my ignoring you, etc.

Fourth: holy crow it’s almost July!


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  1. Nerthuschild says:

    That is ok. I forget my comments and probably the originating post although I save them in my “craft” folder. I am sure if I said anything nice or useful it will provoke more great stuff from you and that is good enough for me. 🙂

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