Random things, again!


Only this time, with bullet points!

  • Yesterday was possibly the best Black Sheep Gathering we’ve attended. Due to fire marshal stuff, they changed things up so that all the vendors were indoors, and thus the event was spread through two buildings, instead of crammed into one and then clustered around outside. I thought at first this would annoy me, and while I had to deal with the acoustics in the one building, I think I actually liked this set up better. There was more space between the stalls, the building had nice happy AC going on, and also, there was more space between the stall. This also meant there was more space for the animals in the barn, and they seemed more relaxed. Some of the typically more skittish creatures were a tad more curious about people . . . and of course, the Shetland lambs were all “touchmetouchmeTOUCHME!!” I got to flirt with a handsome boy and it was lovely. We also skipped the wool sale entirely which made a huge difference. No sitting around in the hot sun for hours to make sure we had a good place in line, oh no. We were there and back in just over four hours.
  • On the walk home, we ran into Hermann, one of our favorite not our dog dogs. He’s a Corgi, and he’s awesome, and I don’t know if he gets this excited over everyone one or if he just remembers us, but he screams like he’s being murdered and then attacks us with slobbery kisses. The first day we actually met him we were walking to a bus stop passed his house, and we turned around to find him walking with us like he knew us and we were best friends and he was just coming to hang out with us. (It may have even been on our way back from BSG three or four years ago). Big Corgi grin the way only Corgis can grin, and this look of “Hey guys, this is so cool, where’re we goin’?” Well, Hermann, we’re going back to your house to bring you home . . .  It was nice to see him and be slobbered on. Shetland sheepies and then Hermann — can it be any more perfect.
  • Which, of course it can, because then we were home with our own family.
  • I have knitting projects! Socks, mainly, but who cares? I have delicious fiber to use, and I cannot wait.
  • Some combinations of colors in various roving makes me want to take my spindle up, just to see what the colors do as I spin
  • Finished chapter 9 of A Marriage of Land and Sea last night, and am into 10. I suspect two more chapters after this and then it’ll be finished. I’m excited; I want to get to the next books, but also, I want to write on some other things, too.
  • This is a boring list. I had more things to talk about, but as of typing this up, I’ve forgotten.
  • I’ve been neglecting to approve comments to some older comments. I apologize. WP has not been notifying me to them and I only just noticed a bunch of them. So, if it’s you and your comment, please know I was not ignoring them or intentionally not approving them. I’ve only just seen them.

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  1. aoibheall52 says:

    Hermann smelled the sheep on you – so in addition to getting to see old friends he got to smell something corgis love. They’re great herding dogs you know, even with those short legs. Hope your feet aren’t as painful as Beth’s. The new arrangements sound better than the old ones. Do you play with dyes too?

    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      Yay sheepies! Yay Hermann! He’s such a sweet dog. The second time we found him walking around loose (he slips out sneakily, it seems!) he let Beth pick him up and carry him home. So sweet!

      The walking was great for me — moving around during the weekend is tricky in that I need to do it more because I feel the difference come the start of my work week, but also all my activities and hobbies are sedentary. My leg hurts less today than it normally would come Sunday, so it’s good.

      I’m just a knitter. I play at spindle spinning once every few years, and that’s it. Though, I love our wheels, and we do have one in particular that I consider “mine” . . .

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