When It’s Wrong to be an Atheist — lecture

Catchy title, eh?

Newer readers may not know that I have something of an intellectual crush on Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou, Head of Theology and Religion, and Professor of the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Religion at Exeter. I discovered her via the BBCs The Bibles Buried Secrets and have hunted her material down both through my access to our local uni’s library and also via Youtube. Partially, I just love listening to her talk — some people are just that way. Partially, I enjoy the topics she’s talking about, and partially watching people geek out over the things they’re geeky about is always fun to see. Watching people geek out intellectually over religion and theology makes me happy. I wish more people did it over non-monotheistic faiths, but whatever.

This is a lecture on Youtube that she gave on the topic. It’s more about her experiences as an atheist in her field, and the ways in which being an atheist has negatively impacted her career than it is about atheism in general. There is common ground in that neither she nor I, nor, I suspect, any of my readers, are in the religious majority, and there is overlap in what we face, no matter where else we stand.

She talks a bit, too, about being the wrong kind of atheist for atheists, and at the end she presents her bullet points for the standard of being an atheist she holds herself up to. And if I wasn’t already happy that she existed in this world, by the time she finished with her fifth point, I would have been.


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