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Two nights ago I picked back up my Letters to Poseidon, which I’d stopped after writing about Grim being diagnosed with cancer. That being my last entry, I didn’t want to yet move past that in the book, but neither did I want to keep that as the last entry. (Letters to Poseidon is basically how I journal, and it’s a practice I started before I’d even given Him any vows. It  was my very first way of meditating.)

Last night I dreamt that Poseidon took form to hug me. It was the sweetest, most wonderful sense of being held and cared for and of Him just being there. We’ve been going through some things that I can only classify as o/Our both being distracted by other issues, and there’s been a fair bit of missing Him even though I know it’s my own doing, that i’m not reaching out as much as I could be doing. I have had maybe, maybe two dreams wherein Poseidon has taking human form in my entire life — typically He’s either there and not embodied, or He’s there and in the shape of something other than humanoid. The first dream He was in loads of trouble and had to duck flying kitchen utensils.

I think we both preferred this latter dream.


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  1. Limnaia says:

    Papa is very good at hugs. This made me smile. So glad you got that little bit of tenderness.

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