The Strange Tale of Loki’s Cat Children


I keep sitting down to write the story of Grim’s life, and I keep not being able to. Beth’s done a great job, and so I’m taking the lazy route. It’s been just over a month since we even learned that he was ill, never mind dying, never mind having died, and the animals are still a bit clingy, still a bit depressed as we find our new normal as a family. (The new normal includes some after dinner snuggle time with Beth and I at the table, Zerk in my arms but touching Beth, Neech pulled up on an adjacent table right next to us — our boys are large — Lu in the window, and Corbie under foot. Everyone in one corner, nested together. When we skip it, Zerk gets more depressed.)

Grim is very clearly sticking around, and it makes this whole having died thing a bit hard to hold on to. Not complaining. Love the hell out of that cat. Anyway. It all goes back to Loki, you see . . . .


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  1. Silence says:

    Love to you and Beth, love to all the critters.

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