An Asshole is Stealing from Pagan Authors

Signal boosting because what the fuck is this shit.

Look, it’s basic math. If you’re getting a book that some one stole, you are stealing. If you don’t pay for what you’re getting, and if someone else didn’t pay for it either, it is theft. It’s bad for ‘regular’ people; it’s absurd for those of us in the magical, mystical, occult communities, because there are added layers (I’m assuming) to stuff like intent and energy exchange and all that. Support your artists, your authors, your creators, your teachers. Why is this hard? This shouldn’t be hard.

I’m a writer. I want people to buy my work. I don’t want to turn people off from buying my stuff by being an ass . . . but if you’re the sort of person who might maybe take advantage of pirating ? Please remove yourself from my blog, and forget about my name, because I do not want your kind of reader.

What the actual fuck. Assholes.


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  1. What a week for piracy. On Monday it was the thing, now this. WTF is wrong with people?

    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      I hadn’t heard about that. Good gods. Feh.

  2. Soli says:

    Yep, saw the site yesterday and sent messages to some of the authors I know who were listed there. Such bullshit.

    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      I saw that, and I’m glad you spread the word, too. It looks like the site is down currently, which fucking rocks.

  3. Nornoriel Lokason says:

    This kind of shit is exactly why I will not convert my book into Kindle format and put it on Amazon and you have to buy the PDF from me directly if you want one, because I know there are fuckheads out there who do shit like this.

    Which is not to say that this behavior is excusable and “that’s what you get” because fuck no, it’s not (so I’m not victim-blaming those who have been stolen from, and it really fucking sucks that I have to take a hit and not make a Kindle book – which has prohibited some people from buying my books as they’ve told me they explicitly prefer the Kindle format – because of bullshit like this). People are literally having their livelihoods STOLEN from with this kind of shit. If someone pirates my work, they are literally taking money away from my rent, food, and bill money. People bust their asses when they write Pagan books – writing books is HARD, and if people don’t think so, they should try writing a book sometime – and authors deserve to be compensated. It’s bad enough that a lot of us undercut ourselves with the cost of our books because people don’t want to pay what writing is actually worth to begin with, never mind shit like this. It fucking INFURIATES me.

    And people who pirate like this better fucking watch out – beyond the legal aspects, you never know who might throw a curse or ask their gods to deal with the person who steals from them. I’m just saying. I’m really surprised when people who pirate occult and Pagan authors do it so blatantly and seem to not realize they might be tangling with S/someone who can make their lives really miserable.


    1. Soli says:

      Nono, I can’t hit like for your comment (oh dear I am getting lazy if I am thinking about that), so I will say I am in full support and have also said as much about the cursing. Pirating from people who have written explicit books or sections of books about cursing (Cat Yronwode and Dorothy Morrison come to mind) just seems stooooopid.

      1. Nornoriel Lokason says:

        Oh, I absolutely will curse someone if they pirate my work. I don’t curse often, I have to have a reason, but I consider stealing money from me (which is literally what book piracy is) to warrant cursing. That is, if the demons I work with don’t go after them first. Two of the four demons I’m close to have A Thing about people stealing.

        And yes, it seems totally stupid to pirate from people who have talked about cursing. Even people who don’t talk about it, you never know W/who you might run afoul of with that sort of behavior. On the other hand, it seems like there is a shortage of common sense in the world about a great many things.

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