Sweet Release

Since Live has been one of my favorite bands way back since Mental Jewelry, it shouldn’t be surprising that a ton of their songs feature into my “Poseidon playlist”. This list is comprised of a number of songs that either have meaning for me, have played at auspicious times, or simply make me think of Him and/or u/Us. One of the joys of being wed to a god or spirit is, I think, that special thing They seem to do to pull us a bit out of ourselves and dare to allow us in, not to experience godly powers, but rather to share with us a bit more of Who They are, intimately. I have not experienced this with any other spirit — not even Pops — so in my experience this in one of the defining factors of “what makes marriage or a lover experience different from a patron/other relationship dynamic.” Maybe that’s not so for other people.

Poseidon has, on occasion, allowed me in so far as to place some (a tiny, small, minuscule, infinitesimal) amount of His . . . I don’t know. Hope? Bleakness? Desperation? Awe at being loved? onto my shoulders, in what can only be — I assume — an attempt to allow me to know that my adoration, dedication, and love for Him matters to Him. He is not, in my experience, the moody, bratty, petulant being many of the myths portray Him to be . . . . however, those ideas did not come from nowhere, and maybe the moody shoe fits from time to time. I’ve joked, when the Vishnu thing came up (*glares at Poseidon*) that maybe Poseidon was the emanation of Vishnu that was fed up with being full of hope, was fed up with humanity, and decided to leave, travel south, spend some time by the Mediterranean, and stayed. Maybe Poseidon was Burned-Out Avatar . . . He is wonderful, and His amount of patience and compassion and empathy for others is awesome, and He does have a sense of humor . . . but He is also heavy, and dark, and somber.

Er. I was going to share this song to allow myself a quick little post, and instead . . . well, whatever. All this to say, this is one of the songs that makes me think of sharing that awareness of Who He Is, intimately. It makes me think of those heavy, awful glimpses, those moments He has seized me up and brought me Inside, and I thought I’d share.

Also, Live is awesome.


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  1. Live is awesome. thanks for sharing this one.

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