The Mortal City, or Happy Anniversary!

Beth can tell you — I’m not one for big to-dos, and anniversaries (especially happy ones?) are not dates that I get all in a bother about. I don’t take days off from work for them, for example. I don’t focus on them to a large degree — and part of that is my wanting to sidle up to the date in question without it spooking and bolting, or to keep me from spooking and bolting, really. It’s this dance of super-important to me but pretend nonchalance that happens. I’ve been frustrated and amused by it, by turn, but for the most part I’m simply resolved to it. It doesn’t matter so much to me that I challenge this, especially with dates and anniversaries that are primarily relevant to me and not so much to anyone else. (We’re leaving aside, for the moment, that always there yearning to be able to call up my mother and chat about my Beloved. That’s not special to me, and that’s not going to go away, and it’s not really resolvable in any case.)

Today marks my twelve year mark having married Poseidon. (August sees another anniversary, this one of our first meeting, which is approaching twenty years ago)(oh my god) I’ve toyed with the idea of making February a month to post for Him every day, but really that’s one of the major points of this blog, and so it feels redundant. Instead, I thought I’d take the time to share with you some of the ways Poseidon has shaped my life for the better. This may end up sounding a bit repetitive as we go forward, because He certainly has a theme He sticks to. My signposts along this road come back to: Awareness, Compassion, and Healing.

If I had to pick one song that encompasses o/Our interactions, and the changes He’s made to my psyche, it would be this:

Dar William’s The Mortal City makes me cry every single time I listen to it. I am not all YAYHumans, and I don’t know I will ever be . . . but I am YAYmortal animals are so interesting!! and that extends into the human animal (even the extant one) because of Poseidon. This song brings to my mind all the humility, compassion and empathy for our species that Poseidon has allowed me to have, that He has nurtured within me. This song is a love song between u/Us.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. sidhebecomesknight says:

    Happy twelfth to you both. 🙂

  2. Lovely, thank you for sharing this.

  3. Bridget Rose says:

    Happy anniversary!

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