Hail the Earth, that gives to all . . . (the Pagan Experience week 6)

Wk 2- Feb. 9- Earth– The word “earth” has multiple meanings. What does it mean to you? How do you use its definitions to support your work?


My religious calendar (which I’ll get into later on in this project) is centered not around the seasons of my region (though, it is, somewhat) but rather is centered around what Odin and Poseidon tell me it’s centered around. Thus, I do not follow an “earth-based” spirituality . . . except, I also don’t not follow one. My Big Holy days are a number of days that fall within what we refer to as Hunt Season, and then a vigil that takes place during July. The rest, all the rest, are days that are either rituals, festivals, or solitary, somber moments of sitting with and being still. Some do mark the turning of the seasons, but some don’t, and it’s not my main focus.

At the same time, the earth does focus into my path. Both Rhea and Kybele (with a nice blending/overlapping with Gaia, not sure how hard the lines are between them in my practice) factor into my devotions, largely as Poseidon’s mum, and then there’s Jord. In practice, Gaia is Gaia, Kybele and Rhea have a bit more overlap but I don’t call Poseidon’s mum Kybele, and Jord is different all over again. But the overlaps delve into Nature of Gods, which is beyond my mortal ken, and the lines are different. Or, at least, they are not under my control. So sometimes the lines are there, and sometimes the lines are gone, and basically I allow Them to tell me when the lines are important and when to ignore them.

Our shrine space for Rhea (and Kybele, and Gaia) and Jord is a shared space, and They seem to get on quite nicely.

Rhea/Kybele/Ge/Jord shrine
Rhea/Kybele/Gaia/Jord shrine


Am I earth centered? No — except, you know, we’re sorta stuck here on this planet, and I think that the needs of our planet should outweigh the needs of the few. On an ecological scale, I don’t know that we can do anything to fix the crap that we’ve wrought, especially when we’re still pursuing fracking as a species. (Does recycling your plastics really matter when there is fracking going on?) I don’t actually believe that individuals doing small acts like recycling or reducing waste will matter long term unless we overhaul our living to sustainable practices, and I don’t think that’s going to happen until we can admit that our sheer numbers are not sustainable, and that a population growth restriction should happen (Yes, I think people should have to get licensed to have children, for a number of reasons which population growth is only one of, and not even the main reason, but I digress) but believing that there’s little point does not keep me from recycling as much as I can and buying second hand as much as I can, and so on. Nor does it keep me from doing the small bit of Work that I do with the land spirits I have relationships with, with offering what healing I’m able. It’s stop-gap, and I understand that, but it’s still something.

Er. Anyway. When you say “earth”, that’s what I think about.




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  1. Miaërowyn says:

    “Yes, I think people should have to get licensed to have children, for a number of reasons which population growth is only one of, and not even the main reason, but I digress”
    I’ve been saying this to a few close friends and family for years. Mostly because of a terrible person in my family who has had like 7 children just to get welfare, while not caring an iota about the poor kids, and not feeding/treating them properly. ARRRRGH. People suck.

    Ok, after the digression on a digression 🙂 I like this post. I miss seeing more posts in your blog, but I don’t say that to make you feel guilty. I love that you are sticking to your writing. Love it. ❤ There, there's some positive energy in my comment. 😉 And now I'll stop taking up time from said writing!

    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      Don’t love that I’m working on my writing — I’m hitting some really important things with this supposed time focused on the writing, but actual word count? Not so much . . .

      1. Miaërowyn says:

        Aw. Important things are important too. I read your recent post about getting frustrated with the writing things, about words. Perhaps planning on focusing on writing was a way to get to those important things, who knows?
        I’ll just be here cheering you on no matter what the focus is on ❤

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