Writing takes work — writers should be paid.

Reblogging this here. The main point is the outrage I’m feeling over https://nhwn.wordpress.com/2015/01/15/good-for-you-not-for-me/. That it even is an issue. I’m not surprised, but it’s just . . . .what the hell, people. And it seems an issue within paganism as well, so I have to say again: support your artists, writers, and crafters by paying them, by crediting them. Do not plagerize. Do not pirate. Basically, don’t be an ass. Pay people for their work.

The Saturated Page

So, my day job is not exactly a high paying day job. I watch the controversy (?!?) over minimum wage being raised, and over workers being paid living wages (again I say ?!?) and how some assholes think that just because you’re doing a menial job that it’s okay that you work full time and still have to resort to governmental aid to be able to have a roof over your head, have healthcare, and be able to feed yourself and your family. I don’t actually make minimum wage — but I do make less than a dollar more than my state’s minimum wage, at a job I’ve been doing for a decade, and at a place where people have been hired to do the same job I’m doing off the street making a dollar more than me, if not more. I frequently do the “what if” game. What if…

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