Tea Time with Poseidon (TPE week two)

This one I don’t even have to think about. When I first started giving libations, a morning sharing of some sort of drink — water, juice, whatever I happened to be having — became how I started my day. (Er, after obligatory dog walking.) Over the years this practice has ranged in its formality, and from day to day that is still true. The beverage of choice switched over to tea a while ago (Scottish Breakfast, if you please. Cream. One to two sugars depending upon the mood).

Even at its most formal, this start to the day isn’t all that formal. It’s certainly not elaborate. I brew tea. I steep tea. I prepare the tea in my mug, and from that I give Poseidon the first (four to eight, depending on the size of the mug or if I’m planning a second cup) bit of it. That is placed upon His shrine with a prayer that He help me walk with Him, to be mindful of Him, to bring Him into what I do, and to thank Him for . . . well. Everything. This is where it becomes formal or informal — sometime I speak these words aloud. Sometimes it’s something as simple as “thank You, I love You.” Sometimes I sit at the shrine and drink my tea there. Sometimes I sit at the table. Sometimes I go right into my day without that preferred buffer time. But, the making and sharing of that tea is the one thing I do on a daily basis that gets me off on the right foot. I love those early morning moments. I love the giving of the libation. I love making the tea per His instructions or nudges or wants. I love the simplicity of it. And, I love the tea.

(Go here to read more about daily practices others find valuable!)


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