Resolutions (TPE Week One)

(First, I’m so glad to see that someone has created this project. Not sure how often I’ll participate, but I glad to see other people writing on the topics. The PBP was a fun way to become exposed to more writers, and I hope this will continue, so yay!!)

New Year’s Resolutions have never been something I’ve made a part of my life. I’ve never been big on the “okay, NOW I’m going to get serious about X” because the way my mind works, that’s not a sustainable practice. If I have a goal to achieve, I need to make the steps toward that goal something I can incorporate into my life. I need to make them approachable. Things like “I’m going to be kinder to myself” or “I’m going to write more” or “I’m going to eat better” are great ideas, maybe, but I need the smaller steps, I need to focus on them. The end goal can simply overwhelm me way too much and then I’m defeated before I even begin.

In our tradition, Yule is our time to retreat, to reflect, to make plans regarding how to work toward whatever our goals are for the coming year. My biggies are: to get the trilogy written, to get Poseidon: a Narrative edited and released, and to continue with the Story Subscription. I’m freeing myself from any other obligations, beyond what Poseidon and Odin tell me are my obligations, to work on those things. A year of writing the things. I’m much looking forward to it — and enjoying it thoroughly already.


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