Beth has been published!

As a writer, every publication is exciting. For myself, every single time is like the first time all over again. Even though I blog, being published by someone who is not me, with other people doing as much if not more of the work (sorry, but writing is easy! It’s fun! I love it! Formatting for print? Oh, gods, save me!!) is nothing short of wonderful — and I’m as excited about Beth’s work being printed as I would be about my own.

wtw1covertnWalking the World is a journal “devoted to an exploration of spiritwork and polytheism from a variety of traditions, ancient and modern.” The first issue centers around the topic of ancestors and hero cults, and there is a wonderful looking line-up of articles that I can’t wait to sink my teeth into. Beth’s contribution is Assuming the Mantle: The Lessons of Queen Anne Boleyn. 

The design of the journal is crisp and clean, simple and elegant, and very attractive. The subject matter presents a range of experiences from a number of different paths. For some time I have lamented the lack of serious theological and/or experiential topics from a polytheistic viewpoint presented in print. When I get in the mood to sit and do thematic study and contemplation, so often my starting point is outside of polytheism, because that’s what’s available. As much as I find value in looking at other faiths and traditions (because I find value in the bits that overlap, not because we are all the same but rather for the reminder of our being human, and to keep a clear eye on problems that can rise up, and the fact that those problems are or can be human problems and not so much religious problems), it is frustrating to not have an easy source for contemporary polytheistic viewpoints and subjects in print. So, I am doubly glad to see this journal see publication, and I wish everyone involved the best of success with it.



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