Admin note: moderated comments and response time.

Because apparently this is necessary. For those of you who realize that people have responsibilities that often bump things like response time way down on the priority list, I apologize.


Not too long ago, I set my WP to moderated comments. Why? Because it’s my blog, and I get to decide what gets published. I get to decide what I think other people who read my blog have to deal with or don’t have to deal with when reading my blog and/or the comments. I wrote about that when I made the change, because it was a change, and I thought transparency was important. I still do. So, in the interest of further transparency:

I work three jobs. One of them — the full time one — is in retail. It’s December, and I’m in America. This means that I am working 40s (plus) in a retail job a week before Christmas. That’s just one of my three jobs. That means I’m not online all that much, and I’m certainly not sitting on WordPress, either mine or other people’s blogs. Long comments — especially ones that I want to respond to while I’m approving them — sit in the queue, sometimes for days. If it’s more than a simple reblog or a one or two line comment, and especially it’s controversial, it’s going to wait. Doesn’t matter who you are.

Scheduling posts are a thing that happens. It is an awesome, awesome tool. Just because a post of mine goes live during the middle of the week does not mean that I’m writing it and posting it at that time.

If your tactic to get me to moderate faster is to try to scold me for playing ‘dirty pool’ — that is, if you’re deciding what you think my priorities ought to be, and are thus assuming what my priorities actually are — be assured that you are, then, helping me decide what my priorities are. So . . . thank you?

When I comment to people, and they don’t get back to me, or they don’t approve my comment right away, or even that week, I extend them the benefit of the doubt. If you comment to me and you don’t see your comment approved right away — or in days, or even that same week — I ask the same from you. If you decide that you’re going to try to bully me into letting your voice be heard on my blog, assume that it won’t be.


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  1. nerthuschild . says:

    WTF? People amaze me, not always in a good way. I figure a comment on a blog may be responded to or may not. I am certainly not holding my breath nor do I think anything that I have to say is so important that someone should prioritize it unless I am saying “Look out, a piano is about to fall on your head” or something like that.

    Hang in there Jolene. 🙂

  2. TPWard says:

    I don’t extend people the benefit of the doubt when they don’t swiftly approve my comments. Why? Because I don’t think to check back and see if they did or not. I had my say, and I moved on. Yeesh.

  3. Boneweaver (aka pjvj) says:

    I hope I never had to moderate comments because I am lazy. And, geez people can be such assholes. :/

    1. Boneweaver (aka pjvj) says:

      *had=have=need more coffee.

      As a note, first time commenters hit the moderation queue, but not after that. If I had a bully I’d just ban them because I’m not as nice as you are.

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