Been a bit quiet in here this week . . .

I know I said I’d be talking up the next story installment project — and I will be. I’m waiting until I have the wherewithal to sit and use two or more syllable words to address it. I’m both excited and nervous about the upcoming project, but it’s good, it’s good.

I feel a bit burnt out, writing wise (because I am!) and I lay blame at NaNo’s feet. So, that’s part of why I’m quiet. Also, December is a HUGE month, spiritually speaking — Beth has her wedding anniversary in the first week, and then there’s Saint Nicholas’s day, which I observe as well. Yule is coming, of course, and then it’s also, you know, Poseideon, too. Yule in not a one, or two, or nine day event in our household, and while we do not often do big, elaborate things to mark the days, energy moves, Work is done, and it’s not a whole lot about talking or writing.

And then there’s the retail-based day job.

I also mark the passing of my grandmother, and my grandfather’s birthday, and while they were considerate enough to piggy-back some of those dates for us, it’s still emotionally hard. I feel my grandparents often, so I don’t miss them in the sense that they are *gone*, but it’s still hard, and I tend to just retreat and grow quiet. December is a somber month for me. It’s heavy, and I often just try to ride it out.

I will be babblying about the upcoming story plan, this weekend. I just need the space to find the words to use.

And because I know December can be hard for people, I want to say: I hope you are all doing well. If anyone needs to talk about anything or vent or just be seen, my inbox is open.


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