Proper use of frustration

Finishing your NaNo project ahead of time when you’d been lagging behind. Ten k in a number of days? Will my hands pay for that? Yes. Do I care? No. Is any of what’s waiting to be edited worthwhile? The last 10k? Likely not, but part of the annoyance was having this hanging over my head, and part of it as the way participating made me hate writing. Second year in a row, so I’m thinking I’m not going to participate again. 50k in two months, even in 6 weeks, seems like something I can manage. In four weeks? It makes me hate writing, and I’ve promised myself I will not do things that make me hate something I have loved for so long.

What I am pleased about is this is another example of how frustrations and annoyances in life no longer makes me stop doing what I care about — at least, for no longer than a day. This is quite amazing, and I’m pleased. Learning how to properly channel “everything is stupid and I hate everyone,” in a useful manner is very important and I’m glad I’ve finally become an adept at that.

So, thank you NaNo, but never again, NaNo!


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  1. November is never a good month for me, and this one’s been no different. I will be happy if I get 50K written in 30 days as in 30 days of business, with breaks and days off, because injuring my wrists happens when I don’t take breaks. Besides, you already write a crapton. It is known.

  2. Miaërowyn says:

    What a difficult thing to learn to channel and make useful! 50k in a month is kind of crazy, and when you get behind you feel kinda crappy. I look at it as a good way to spend an otherwise cold and miserable month.
    For me, NaNo is a good push to do something and get a big chunk of it done, a challenge to myself. But since you’re already writing all year long…
    Boo that it made you hate writing! Yay that you were able to get past it 😀

  3. Beth says:

    Go you!! ❤ October rocked this year; November, not so much. Still, it's been a pretty damned good month for my shop (er, I mean Odin's shop), it is Hunt season, and I refuse to let other people's stupidity derail me from what needs to get done.

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