Phytalmius photo op

I’ve gotten so used to not being able to just hit reblog on these! This is sweet! So, it’s not a hymn, but I don’t care – – any time anyone is all, “Oh, Poseidon, more than just the sea,” I’m all YES!! Also, shrine love. Go take a peak at the photos (I especially love the last) and read the post.

I’ll be back to posting actual content at some point after November is over. Maybe. NaNo, you know. It’s eating all the words. . .

True Pagan Warrior

Green Man Badass green man jacket, front.

I am no stranger to the Green Man.  Indeed, I wear his jacket, or would if I could remember to get the zipper fixed.  That’s why I was pretty excited to write about Poseidon Phytalmius, since I had no idea he had any meaningful link to green, growing things.

Tumblr readers, you’re going to want to click through now, because my pics over here on WordPress are sweet today.

The story until now:  I excited by mythology as a child, but bored as a Roman Catholic.  I but decided to try harder in my teens, and became a lector (reader) in my church.  That routine didn’t survive the tumultuous transition into college life, but when I met real Pagans, my curiosity (“You mean they worship the Greek gods?”) also led me to explore all the established religions in town.

Badass Green Man jacket, back Badass Green Man jacket, back

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