Spirit Touched excerpt

reminder: it’s mine, all mine, not yours, all mine! That said, here’s an excerpt:

Cloaking myself was a small matter. Shadows lent themselves to me, borrowed from the hardapple trees, from the clouds overhead that blocked the sun. Cloaking myself in my own shadow would have been easier yet, but I couldn’t wait for her to return to me. I stole away from Henny’s house, heading for the outskirts of the village. I trusted my feet while I used my eyes to be sure no one spotted me. My feet brought me to the midden, and what I found there made me wish longingly for blood-sickle brambles.

He stood in a stockade, head lowered and looking miserable. His shadow hung from his neck, caught in a witches bottle. His knees were bent as though his legs could not support his weight, and I winced, knowing how bruised his collarbones must be. Dried blood colored his hands and his bare feet. Flies hovered over his head, and I could smell the infection in his wounds from where I stood.

Anger is a beautiful, righteous thing. It burned through my caution, through my dread, and gave fire to my muscles. I crossed the distance between us, shoving at the flies as I went. They moved as one to settle over the midden proper. Fury tempted me. They placed him here, this close to a scavenger’s treasure. How long had he been here? What were they planning to do with him? Were they planning on doing anything to him beyond this? Was he to just remain here, starving to death while the scavengers that would be attracted to the midden helped themselves to him? Disgust burned like bile in my throat, and then I remembered that I had drawn him into my own battle with the blood-sickle, and that disgust multiplied.


Because my brain is mush while trying to fight off The Ick, and keeping up with NaNoWriMo, y’all get another sneak peak of Spirit Touched. For those not in the know, Spirit Touched is my December installment in my Story Subscription (wherein you lovely readers help support my writing by helping support my household expenses and bills — namely, my surprise! dental bill). Typically the subscription (five dollars a month, but more if you choose!) will buy you four thousand words worth of new material, but for December? For December, you will get 10k plus, for the price of 4k. It’s my thank you to those who have supported this project for half of 2014, and for making it possible for me to pay this bill on time, regularly. Seriously, THANK YOU.

However, this is also a good time for those of you who are interested in either my writing or this particular method of delivery, to check it out while knowing that you will receive a completed story in its entirety.

If you want to learn more about the Story Subsciption click HERE

If you missed the previous sneak peak of Spirit Touched click HERE



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  1. Beth says:

    Reblogged this on Wytch of the North and commented:
    There’s still time to get in on Spirit Touched, Jo’s COMPLETE 10 K + story that she’s offering in December as part of her Story Subscription service. I have had the privilege of reading this one already, and if you love pagan fantasy you won’t want to miss it!

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