Poseidon Mousêgetês — a link!

Poseidon Mousêgetês. Terence suggested I was going to like this one a lot.

He was right.

Hail, Poseidon, oh so much more than what you think He might be about . . . I especially am touched (challenged? Challenged-confirmed? Something?) by the reminder that, of the Three (the Three have been on my mind a lot) Poseidon’s lot is the one that has the closest relationship to us, that we are pretty dependent upon. More “Hey, not so detached after all” poking.

Thanks. Because . . . thanks. *grumble*

I grumble because I kid — mostly. I grumble because this morning I’m tired of challenging myself, and I’m still fighting off the ick. (I think I’m losing). But this is beautiful, and I am — as ever — grateful that we get to see this.

Trying to figure out how to push back the Deipnon by a week or so . . . .


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