It’s come up lately that people are writing about Poseidon. Now, I realize that people do write about Him, and that people have written about Him. I realize that I’m not His only worshipper, nor His only devotee, nor His only mortal spouse. Still, Poseidon is behind so much of my writing, even when it’s not directly about Him, and seeing His name come up so much in my WP feed when it’s not a reblog of something I have written has been awesome.

That is all.

slightly more articulate than HOORAY POSEIDON, but only slightly.


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  1. Feels like to me that every person that brings Him in to mortal life builds the momentum for that to happen more and more. 🙂

    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      Oh, I totally agree with this.

  2. Boneweaver (aka pjvj) says:

    He has requested a custom dressing oil for the candles I burn on His altar. NO IDEA. But once it’s created I’ll send you some, if you’d like. I know it’s small compared to your NANO task, but I thought you might like knowing He’s decided to be demanding all around. 😉

    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      Maybe it’s a mood He’s in? I’m thinking also, the time of year — because the Solstice is a thing for Him.


      Also I still owe you (and two other people) packages. I haven’t forgotten.

      1. Boneweaver (aka pjvj) says:

        And I still owe you! We’re even. Someday I’m going to have to look into why Solstice is a thing for him.

        1. TPWard says:

          Please share if you find out!

          1. Boneweaver (aka pjvj) says:

            Oooohhhhh… It’s just a thing? Not a historical thing? Damn.

            1. TPWard says:

              No clue, none at all. I’m a terrible scholar and ride high on the shoulders of smart people.

              1. Boneweaver (aka pjvj) says:

                Ha! Me, too!

                1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

                  It’s a historic thing. I’ll share when I get home.

  3. Jose Prado says:

    Maybe it’s a thing for his wife Amphitrite. In Divination and Shamanic practices I learned way back that she was his original Teacher and Master. I was more in tune with her in the beginning but I’m trying to solidify my relationship with Poseidon. I started reading your blog to learn more.

    Btw any Blogs or articles where I can learn more about him?

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