Poseidon Delios — a link!

Poseidon Delios is the hymn Terence shares with us today. This brings to mind the work I’ve done as an assistant with Beth’s seidhr practice, and the support Poseidon has provided. We know that He was associated with Delphi in days long, long ago, before it became Apollon’s domain, but we still don’t think about Poseidon and oracles, Poseidon and prophecies all that much. We think of Zeus and we think of Apollon, and I don’t know how many people have an understanding of Apollon-as-heir-to-Poseidon that I have (it’s an inadequate explanation for the sense of relationship between the Two, but it’s the closest I can come to in English). I am grateful for the reminder that Poseidon is connected to more than just Delphi, in the oracular geography (for lack of a better term).


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  1. In my research I never came across a connection to Poseidon with Delos, very interesting! I do know that Apollon and Poseidon traded another of Apollon’s islands (I cannot remember the name offhand, started with a T though) for Poseidon’s part of Delphi. In any case I do agree with you very much that Apollon is quite in fact a heir of Poseidon in a manner of speaking, as their nature’s are very closely connected. There are of course some significant differences, but this is to be expected I think. If Apollon was near identical there would be no purpose to Apollon’s action in the world. Poseidon was of course the first of the gods that I came into contact with long before I formally met Apollon 😉

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