Poseidon Eirene — a link!

As I said in my comment to Terence’s latest hymn, these are lining up in a somewhat uncanny way, as I work my way through Poseidon: a Narrative.

Poseidon Eirene is no exception.


4 thoughts on “Poseidon Eirene — a link!

    • This project has me feeling like a totally inadequate writer. Almost all of the stories I’ve got so far, I feel like I have come close to writing them properly, but all a little bit . . . off and not the way they should be. Which maybe is part of writing myths anyway.

      I do know that this one is going to require more extensive edits that I typically have to do. So, it’s stretching all the writing muscles and battering at my pride. Which, really, isn’t a bad thing at all.

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