Trial, Error, and Evolution on the Path

Seeing this after my last post, I need to add that i’m not trying to sound like failure isn’t a hard or bad or difficult thing, or that it doesn’t exist, or that it can all be spun into something useful or light-hearted or, you know, something. This post is beautiful in that Silence is sharing much with us, and it talking about an extremely difficult and not-often-spoken-of subject. I want to rally around him with cries of, “No, you are awesome, you are great, you did not fail, you can never fail, you are inherently awesome!!” because those are my feelings, but, you know . . . I’ve got no business doing that, because it’s not my business, period. In my view, mistakes and stumbling and failures along the way are all slightly different, though oft-times related, and while I will throw my weight soundly behind the “you only truly fail if you cease trying” concept, I will agree that yes, failure is a possibility. But, too, it also need not be a permanent state of being. And, too, too, I don’t think there’s anything wrong, necessarily, with discovering that maybe these paths are not for you.

This is a very valuable, if sober, read.

The Road, the Walker, and What Comes Next

This wasn’t what I had planned on writing about today. I’m not sure if I ever planned on writing about it, not directly at any rate. The subject came up and since I feel that it’s important to discuss, I might as well begin.

We aren’t told that failure is possible on the devotional path. This is not due to any conspiracy of silence or tendency towards reticence on the subject. It’s just that most people haven’t experienced failure or, if they have, have assigned the blame to themselves rather than seeing failure as just one of many potential outcomes inherent in this path.

I’ve frequently told myself that failure – on this path and most others I suppose – only comes when I stop trying. And, well, I did.

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  1. Nothing, ever, will compare to first contact and consequent service position that started two years ago in an intense 24 hr a day for three months journey. It was only very recently that relief from the ending of that time and assignment in an abrupt manner left me feeling without identity. Through the grace of Apollon and His clarity on the matter I understood that I have not lost the person that I had transformed to, but needed a long recovery period. Since that time I have felt a slow quickening. I am mindful of my first initiation as a witch in 1986 and the HP telling me once this door opens you cannot shut it again. I take comfort in that these days.


    1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

      (((Christine)))) I don’t have words for this, really — I have not yet myself hit a place where, because of what He (or Pops) asks of me, I no longer feel connected to who I was. There are moments and situations when that’s true, but as a whole? Not so much, not yet. I can’t imagine what that must be like. I do, however, totally get the sentiment behind “once this door is open,” idea though. (((( ❤ ))) (and Hail, Apollon!)

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