Poseidon Isthmios — a link!

Hail Poseidon Isthmios!, glorious epithet that does not cause my tongue to stumble!


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  1. TPWard says:

    Care to give me tips on nimbling up my tongue?

  2. Jolene Poseidonae says:

    Likely nothing useful. I tend to avoid the Hellenic epithets and lapse into nearest English equivalents. Hence, I have Poseidon-of-the-Ponds, and Healer Poseidon, and Rainmaker Poseidon, and so on.

    The Hellenic epithets are more poetic, somehow. 🙂

    1. TPWard says:

      Good, then maybe you will forgive the ones I mostly made up 😉

      1. Jolene Poseidonae says:

        While I’m quite enjoying learning new to me historical ones and I appreciate what we can discover of our gods via the past, it’s the new epithets and stories and ways of sharing that I most enjoy.

        So yes, I’ll forgive you that. 😉

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