Poseidon Phytalmius — a link and a photo!

TPWard has posted today of Poseidon Phytalmius, lord of the growing things. I first came across Phytalmios as an epithet for Poseidon a number of years ago (thank you, Pausanias!) and it has stuck with me. In the story, Poseidon is less “abundant greenman who makes things grow” and more “I’m angry with you so I’ll coat your vegetation in brine, see how you do with me cursing you, oh, oh, are you ready to beg forgiveness?” Regardless, I take away from this tale: things grow because Poseidon allows them to. (I’ve talked before about how I pretty much see His Hands on pretty much everything). Between this tale, and knowing that one of Neptune’s symbols is a cornucopia, and knowing Poseidon’s relationship both with Ge and with Demeter . . . and now, thanks to TPWard’s hymns, my connecting Poseidon with the mantle of our planet that makes land-based live even possible, yes. I definitely, definitely, without a doubt, have a Poseidon-greenman connection.

TPWard is sharing this photo, but since it’s long since been one of my favorites for this particular epithet, so am I!



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