Being willing to take the reins . . .

As of this writing, I’m 9k into Poseidon: a Narrative. I’m realizing a few things — and I know we’re not “supposed” to be evaluating the content of our NaNo projects, editing is supposed to come later, but I don’t actually have time to be that wasteful with my wordage. I need for the majority of the words to be keepers. I cannot stand the sort of editing that looks mostly like a re-write, and I try to avoid it whenever possible.

I’ve realized that my pacing so far is way, way too slow. 9k in — 6k if we’re wanting to ignore the words that I know are padding — and we’ve only covered Poseidon’s upbringing and his being handed off in adolescence to learn some mysteries. I’m growing more comfortable with what I’m doing — it’s a fictional recounting of what it may have looked like growing up as a young god back when the world was young and before Zeus was even around to create humanity. I’m getting hung up on technical issues that I’m doing my best to ignore, because that’s just my clever inner critic trying to slow the process down. My hold on the story is slippery while at the same time Poseidon is talking about considering Pontos another form of Himself, because You can’t both be the child of Rhea and Kronos and be their sibling, too!! but He’s seemingly unconcerned with things such as suspension of disbelief and continuity. He’ the god, I’m the writer. Apparently it’s my job to worry about those things. And we keep reminding me, it’s not the memoir but rather a memoir.

I did make the Executive Decision to change the narrative view point from first person to third, because I don’t write longer fiction easily in the first view point, especially when that view point is divine. In doing so, I broke 700 words in twenty minutes, so I think we’ll stick with this. It, oddly, allows me to write more closely from his POV, that first person does, so . . .

I’m excited about this project. I’ ll be more scared as it nears completion, I suspect, but right now I’m excited and I want to dive in! Marathon writing over the weekend, here I come!


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