Poseidon: a Narrative or, fiction writing as a devotional practice.

Despite not writing on Monday and writing a small amount on Tuesday, I’m just a few hundred words shy of 7k for NaNoWriMo so far. (Yes, I’m padding my word count, and I know it, but it’s the beginning and I don’t care. I have about 1500 words that I either count or don’t count depending on where my numbers are at — by next weekend I’ll likely be back to not counting them.) So far I’m finding it incredibly difficult to stay in His “voice”, and interestingly enough, the things that are tripping me up are not the things I thought might cause the problems.

I’m being caught up by the technical bits of the story. If we’re talking about Poseidon in the “dawn of his existence” for example — mythically speaking, before humanity was created — then what level of tech are we talking? Should the building he called home be called a house? What sort of fiber do the sheep have, considering that much of the wool breeds we have were bred to produce such fiber, and the closer-to-wild-sheep breeds tend to be hair sheep rather than wool sheep. What sort of lamps would they have? Is there a fire place — there certainly shouldn’t be a chimney, and so where in the structure would the fire place be?

Bigger things too: in the dawn of time, what landmasses are there? I’m placing various tales geographically throughout Hellas, but I’m also admitting, though a particular tale might have special significance to particular places and people, the setting isn’t really anywhere on mortal earth. In my mind I’m treating it as, ‘these particular mysteries were given to these particular people’, but as I’m writing I’m not really making strong distinctions. But, the formation of land in the dawn of time looks nothing like how it looks today — we all know that. So, how much detail do I put in, to make this spot look like Arkadia, with its flora and fauna, and how much do I make this look like Ilium, and this like Krete?

Mostly, I’m just writing and trying to keep out of my own damn way, and as a result, maybe 4-5k of the words I have are keepers. But it’s just . . . what the heck.

I’m excited about this project. I’ve got pictures (I’ve got a flipping Pinterest board!) that help me envision bits of the story. I’m going down interesting pathways where He is talking about being a student of Hekate’s, which . . . I suspect He is going to use this as a great way to introduce ideas to be, topics that maybe I shy away from, and we are really going to test this whole, I surrendered the need to know exactly *how* things are real, concept, because I can already feel a decent amount of ‘bring this into your understanding of Me,’ coming through this, though at the same time, ‘this is just one way of telling My story.’

Will this be the NaNo that breaks me? Stay tuned to find out!


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