Prayer beads for Poseidon

Many of my readers will be familiar with the idea of pagan prayerbeads — it’s a concept that’s been around for some time. I first recall considering constructing a set of my very own way back when, when things were not well between Poseidon and I. I never did, for a number of reasons: I run hot and cold when it comes to formalized prayers (it really depends on the time of year); I could never decide how I wanted them to be; gemstones and crystals and I don’t often get on; there is an organic, spontaneous element to my devotional practice that I didn’t see prayer beads fitting with; my reluctance to have stuff cluttering up my religious practice with my god. The list can go on and on, and at the end of the day what it amounts to is: the time was never right. Many times I’d accompany Beth to our local gem and bead fair with an eye toward finally getting the material to construct a set of my own (or have Beth construct) but I always seem to leave those fairs overwhelmed, over-stimulated, and empty handed. I’d put them out of my mind entirely a few years ago.

Rereading Walking the Heart Road is doing a great number of good things for me, the least of which is, it has me returning to concepts or ideas I’ve either previously had or have previously been exposed to. In the book, Silence talks a bit about prayer beads, and how the habit of reciting prayers along with the physical strand of beads can be beneficial. (I’m so paraphrasing here, by the by.) Reading this at this time put me in mind of the song that I sing for Poseidon that I wrote over twelve years ago. It’s part of my morning routine, part of my ‘girding my loins’ and gearing up to go out into the world. I wondered how I might set it to a prayer bead set. (So far, I still haven’t. It really works best as a song).

Anyway. I went with Beth on Saturday with the idea that I’d look for beads. We’d purchased a charm the week prior, because I knew I wanted to get this going, but I wasn’t holding out hope that I’d find anything. I was really going to find some wooden beads, because I wanted the strand to be wooden — gems and I don’t get on, you remember. And, I found wooden beads that work. But I also found these glass beads. Electroplated crystal beads, even. The booth selling them had shiny ones, and translucent-frosty ones. And the translucent frosty ones? Look, in person, like you’re seeing sunlight being filtered through the ocean. They look like you’re looking at sunlight glancing off the waves, or like you’re underwater, looking up.

I went back to this booth three times before I bought them. Beads don’t speak to me like this. I was utterly captivated by their glimmering as they moved. They were absolutely perfect.




I wish wish wish that I could capture the play of light across these beads. Maybe I’ll try making a video one day. For now, the bottom photo shows the best range of the colors that the electroplated beads go through — they are all the same type of bead, those eight, and they are all the same color, but oh, the gorgeous things they do as they move around. They are to me the ocean, captured in bead form. They are simply perfect. I am so pleased with them.

The idea behind them is pretty simple: eight “prayer” beads with the wooden beads acting as spacers. I don’t have set prayers to these beads yet. Mostly I’ve been pulling them out, running them through my hands, and doing “Hail to thee, Poseidon,” as I went. He seems mostly bemused about it, and we are all of us so pleased that I am so pleased with the look and feel of the set. I don’t often get so enamored of a physical item that is neither a book nor an animal, so this is an interesting experience. As the maker of the beads, Beth is also pleased.

I am glad I waited. I’m glad I didn’t rush this process. I’m glad these are the Poseidon prayer beads I’ve ended up with.

And, we liked the beads so much, Beth bought a strand of them with an eye toward making some for the store!


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  1. Alyx says:

    Those are beautiful!

    1. Jolene says:

      They are! I so wish the photo did them any justice at all.

  2. Jose Prado says:

    The Octopus is a good touch. For some reason that screams Poseidon to me.

    1. Jolene says:


      I wear a glass blown octopus as my Poseidon pendant every day. I used to have a trident — ages ago, before they were in (thank you Percy!) and then, later, a fork made into a pendant as a trident stand in, but Beth purchased this for me four years ago, and I’ve taken to wearing it almost every day. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I get complimented on it every day I wear it. It’s stunning.

      Cephalopods in general make me think of Poseidon, but octopi . . . The only reason they don’t rule the world, I’m convinced, is because their life span is too short.

  3. naiadis says:

    I should add that they’re not 100% finished. We arre still going back and forth regarding what will eventually hang from the arm of the octopus. He will most likely win but I do. Not. Want. So we haggle.

    1. Jose Prado says:

      Perhaps his Trident? Or even make different sets for different incarnations of Poseidon such as a Bull in one version?

      1. Jolene says:

        That may end up happening, though I’m thinking of doing thematic “rounds” to this prayer set. I really like to keep things simple, and having more than one prayer bead set for Him doesn’t appeal. To me, it would be like setting up boundaries, containers — THIS is for Poseidon Taureos, and THIS is for Poseidon Hippios, rather than this is for Poseidon. It may work for others, and awesome! But for me, no.

        He’s made it clear what He wants dangling from the octopus. I’m just fighting over it because I don’t think it’s appropriate. Which is precisely why I’m going to lose, and I know it.

  4. Beth says:

    Reblogged this on Wytch of the North and commented:
    Another set of prayer beads I made this week, for Jo! In addition to a few more of the necklace type sets, I will be making a lot of these smaller, simpler sets, for a numbers of different People (including Odin and Poseidon). Stay tuned! Also, feel free to let me know Who you eoulfblove like to see sets for, in the comments below.

  5. Soli says:

    Also, in the last photo, the glass/crystal beads have a sheen like blue grey pearls.

    And I am thinking about that bead store we went to in Philly long ago. That’s the only such store which gave me a headache and sensory overload like that. I wonder what else was going on.

    1. Jolene says:

      Did we got to the one in Cherry Hill with you? Or on South Street? I don’t remember, though South Street makes more sense? There are bits of Philly I miss. *sigh* Though, none of them are the bead stores. . .

      1. Soli says:

        I don’t know Philly well enough to remember where we were, but yeah. One store in need of a lot of something to help that.

  6. Boneweaver (aka pjvj) says:


    I think maybe an invisible anchor should hang from the octopus arm. 😀

    1. Jolene says:

      Email will be coming your way, this evening, tomorrow morning at the latest. 🙂

  7. nerthuschild says:

    Wow, these are great and very Poseidon like.

    1. Jolene says:

      They are perfect I tell you.

  8. lilycares says:

    This is amazingly beautiful; shared so word can get out much faster, I have a couple of Poseidon Followers following me. 🙂 ❤

    1. Jolene says:

      Sweet! Thanks for the sharing. Also: yay Poseidon!

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