Poseidon of the Mysteries

poseidon mysteriesHow often do we lift our voices in praise of Your touch upon the world
That touch that we see?
We are simple creatures that way.
We praise Your strength,
the pounding waves that hit the shores;
We praise Your generosity,
the bounty of the seas as we demand more and more;
We praise Your mercy;
the fresh water to slake our thirst.
We give thanks for You,
Surrounding us, never far.
But what of the unseen?
Your hand is all over this earth:
The horses that run, upon whose backs whole nations have been built
The mother of all liquids, without which so much would not be possible
The gifts of the seas, which have fueled economies for as long as we’ve lived by the seas.
But, what of the unseen?
The oceans never cease their movement.
Far below the waves upon the surface, currents rule.
Roadways of water spanning the globe
Changing weather
Deciding migration routes for whole species,
Influencing lives.
The continents shift – slowly, painstakingly so, but always.
Father of Mountains, at Your touch solid rock buckles and heaves on its climb toward the heavens
just as, at Your touch, solid rock erodes back into nothingness.
You ease the pressure just as You build it.
You are motion, constant and ever-changing.
You are mystery.
You are magic.
I am ever reluctant to change, my god.
I am small and mortal, and I cling, too often, to what is known,
to security and safety,
rather than to You.
Forgive me my shortsightedness.
Help me to embrace Your mysteries.
Help me in my striving.
“Make magic with Me,” You asked of me,
ages ago it seems, and still I balk.
You are the magic in my life.
You are the mysteries of the unseen,
the mysteries of change, the power of potential.
Help me to remember this,
As currents move far below my surface,
As seemingly steady landmasses of my life shift.
Remind me that You are my security, and that,
in Your hands, I have all the safety I could possibly desire.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. owanderer says:

    Daaaaaaamn. Hail Poseidon!

  2. nerthuschild says:

    Loving this one more than I can say….

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