Story Subscription has gone out!

It went out late this time (does this balance out with time it went out a day early?) but it has left the nest, and those of you signed up for it should have it in your in-boxes by now. If you don’t, please let me know, and I’ll resend!

A Reminder, and a call for feed-back.

A number of you have opted to sign up for multiple installments in one lump sum, and that’s totally an acceptable option for anyone who wishes to participate in that way. The first group of “you’re subscription will expire with the current installment” has been reached, and so I need to ask: would you prefer, as a subscriber, to receive a private email regarding the status of the subscription the month beforehand, or would you rather blind sort of “don’t forget to renew your subscription if yours is running out!” reminder? I’m leaning toward the former, but I also worry that that is a bit too invasive and, because it is, in the end, reminding you to pay me for my writing, I feel a bit uncomfortable doing so. Were I the one whose subscription was going to run out, though, a monthly “hey, if your subscription is over with this one, please don’t forget to sign up again!” wouldn’t be much help. I’d want a personalized, “So, Jo, about that subscription . . . ” email instead.

I guess, for this one, I’m going to do both. 😉

It also appears as though the buy now button does not give one a chance to let me know what format is desired, so I’ll be tweaking that to provide buttons for each option, so watch for that in the coming week!


One thought on “Story Subscription has gone out!

  1. I wouldn’t be opposed to getting the “your subscription is up this month” a month before the next installment is out. I have a hard time remembering things so this would help on top of my phone calendar lol.
    I understand how you feel about that option though, but I personally don’t feel you are like one of those companies/people who are constantly asking for money in the sleezy way they seem to think works, which we all know gets old fast.
    I think that’s a big part of the reason some people just can’t get past other ppl sending out reminders like that because they think any asking is sleezy.

    That’s just my 2 coppers though 😉

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