Poseidon Petraios — a link!

Poseidon Petraios is being praised today! If you don’t know the tale behind that name, go dust off your copy of Pausanias’ Guide to Greece and acquaint yourself with it!

In the spirit of Keeping It Real, I have to thank TPWard for this hymn, on this day. I am half a year away from hitting my two decade anniversary of meeting Poseidon. I can’t remain honest and try to deny that I think I know Him well. I don’t know Him perfectly, and I never will while I’m alive, but to steal a line from Odin, I do know a thing or two. We did not just meet, Poseidon and I. Yet, now and again, a phrase or an image or something will cross my path, and I will find myself floored as a new understanding unfurls within my mind or within my heart. This happened today, and it would not have happened without these hymns being written and shared, and I am grateful to TPWard for the change to gain this new insight.


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