Poseidon Hippios — a link . . . and a picture!

Poseidon Hippios is being praised today, and hurrah for it. When I think of Poseidon Hippios, I often think less about the partnerships we as a species have developed with the equines of the world, and I tend to think more about the horrid ways in which we abuse said partnerships. I try to not be so bleak, but I’ve got miners among my ancestors, and while they were miners in the US, it always puts me in mind of the mine ponies across the pond. Now, in fairness, the human miners have often suffered just as much, so . .. it’s just wretched all around.

Still, there’s no denying that much of our advancement as a species has come with the aid of horsepower, even with all the darker bits of that history. Hail, Poseidon Hippios!

I found this image for the first time, a few days ago. It has become “Poseidon at Yule” in my mind (and Poseidon has a thing with the Solstice, even within the Hellenic past. I knew this to a point, because the Athenian month named for Him roughly corresponds with December, but I discovered a year or so ago — yay Jstor! — that Athens was not the only place to celebrate Him around the solstice) and I need to get my hands on a print of it. It also puts me in mind of Poseidon Hippios, and so, I thought I’d share.

Travel of Poseidon by sea, Ivan Aivazovsk

Travel of Poseidon by sea, Ivan Aivazovsk


2 thoughts on “Poseidon Hippios — a link . . . and a picture!

  1. I always thinking of Poseidon having a month to himself as being a time of the year when the threat of the weather at sea is at its harshest, fishermen could not go out (and often would likely have to relied on preserved fish and the like…for which I imagine is part responsible for a delicacy I tried when visiting in Greece of rebaked dried fish). For a people who rely on the bounty of the seas as much as they do agriculturally (especially for islands and coastal city states, it probably meant a thanking to Poseidon for the bounty that was granted throughout the year to be able to make it through the leaner part of winter. I can just imagine the waves in winter, crashing and foaming like the bucking of white maned horses on the surf. The water is running wild, the horses are wild, unsafe for men to hoist their ships upon. Makes me think fondly of wild mustangs that are practically non existant in this country anymore. What a shame.

    • This is filled with such beautiful imagery. One of these days I’ll make it to our coast during the storms (she says. In reality, likely not for a while. I’m totally unwilling to be away from home for long, what with the dog and all)

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