Poseidon Asphaleios — a link!

Again, not my poem. TPWard has another hymn up, this time in praise of Poseidon Asphaleios.

I gotta be honest — this is hitting me in the, “I should be doing this!!” center . . . but poetry for me is a sporadic thing, and am I going to be distracted by that feeling or am I going to bask in the delight in seeing others write wonderful, beautiful, meaningful things in honor of Poseidon? Remember, Jo, you do not have to save and/or do all the things all on your own. This project is not mine and need not be mine, and really when I’m not busy wondering why I didn’t decide to do something like this (re: poetry is a sporadic thing for me) I’m over the moon about this. And so glad he’s sharing it with us.

Poseidon — more than simply a god of the sea.


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