Mornings with Poseidon


Quickie post for right now — my morning at the shrine! I was up late this morning, and I need to roll out to go grocery shopping in half an hour, but the image touched me today and I wanted to share. My morning routine is extremely simple — I light incense, I pour Him some of my first cup of tea (with sugar, if you please, though He’s ambivalent about the creamer, with me) and I spend time touching in. There are prayers, sometimes, but often this time of year there’s just u/Us chatting. It’s a small ritual, but when I skip it, I feel it. This, more than shielding, more than showering, more than anything else, grounds me and prepares me for the day.

It need not be fancy. It simply needs to connect you.


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    1. naiadis says:

      Thank you!

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