It’s cloudy! There may be rain!

I want, desperately, to walk up to the river today, and spend some time by its banks, knitting and watching birds. I woke up thinking, “I’ll go early!” but then the dog came back to bed, and we snuggled for a bit, and there may have been some snoozing. It’s still early, and I still may go, but the “let’s go now!” is gone, and there’s a press of a bazillion little tasks I want to attend to today. My four day work weeks are over, there’s research I need to get involved in for my upcoming project (I make that sound like so much work, right? I need to read about swamp environments of the American south; I need to read about Santeria; I need to read about Hmong and Laos immigration in the US circa Vietnam; I need to read about Haitian history; I need to read Greenman folklore. These are all interesting topics! Replace any of those ‘need-to’ with ‘want-to’ and it’s still accurate!), editing on Spirit Touched I want to tackle, a bathtub that’s due for a good scrubbing, a sock I want to finish this weekend.

When we moved two miles closer to the Willamette River I was excited: I could go there more easily now, and spend time with the river! I do go, now and again, and it is always a beautiful, refreshing trip. I love watching the birds and listening to the wildlife. Wind and running water and outside. But I don’t go nearly as often as I thought I would. And, I have to admit, the reason?

I like being home, more. Perhaps Poseidon did too good of a job, when He helped me train myself away from needing *outside* stuff to tap into His nearness. Perhaps being around people all day long for my job makes me less willing to be around people on my ‘off’ time. Perhaps Beth and I have succeeded more than we thought possible when we made the effort to create not just a home but a sanctuary, one that I’m often reluctant to leave.

Of course, rain does mean that knitting outside is unappealing, as well.

So, maybe today will be a nesting at home, researching and knitting day. Tomorrow I have to go out anyway for grocery shopping. Maybe I’ll feel like taking that walk then instead.


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  1. latinoscorp says:

    I moved to Eugene from Cuba, via Mexico City in 1968.. Your post brought memories of “having” to do a ritual in the rain. Cold rain. The Orisha and Nkisi adjusting to the new weather and foods. Lol.

    Do you read Spanish? There’s a basic book on Santeria, “Los Orichas en Cuba” by Natalia Bolívar Ariostegui–not translated that I know of. Basic introductory text.

    For you, Cabrera’s book “Yemaya and Ochun” is a must!

    For Vodou, Manbo Sallie Ann Glassman’s “Vodou Visions” is an excellent intro. (I could lend you a copy if you’d like.)

    Hope your nesting day has been productive, that Beth is now the proud owner of a pair of socks–would be hard to change the sock from foot to foot every half hour. 🙂



    1. naiadis says:

      The nesting day was productive . . . though my inbox is still untouched and will likely remain so until next weekend, feh. Editing, writing, knitting, computer work. It’s all good. I’m only fluent in English, alas, but I’ll see what I can see. Thanks for the recommendations — I have a soft, soft spot in my heart for Yemaya, as you could likely imagine. i’ll check out our libraries and see what I can dig up. I’ll get a handle on this character. I’m unnerved by her, and it’s exciting.

      Cold rain! It’s funny — you’d think, being from New England as I am, that cold rain would be nothing. I mean, it’s not snow, right? But the rain is *always* cold here. Always! It’s most bizarre and took some getting used to. Which is still worlds better than trying to hold a blot for the gods outside in February . . . or March . . . or April . . . ankle deep in snow. (For all that, I miss New England’s climate).

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