Okay, then!


Poking around to update my about me page (Me! Me! Me!!) I realized that, heh, I decided some time ago that I was going to be less picky about my subjects here and just embrace writing about whatever I wanted to write about. I even talked about how all these bits and pieces of me all add up to me, and so I was going to include them. And I update that page last two years ago. O.O


I mentioned going back and forth about it, right?

Between realizing that and the positive support I’ve received over this decision (you are all as voyeuristic as I am! YAY!) I’m feeling pretty good about doing this. I’ve got plans — like putting in a solid effort to keep the Poseidon Festival page more up to date (though this year has been another quiet, small, simple ritual year for me, and they don’t exactly photograph super-impressively, those libation and incense and sit-with-Him rituals. But, you know, maybe there’s merit for posting those photos, too.) and utilizing categories so that readers can navigate around confidently.

My excitement for blogging is renewed, interestingly enough, and all day yesterday I caught myself trying to plan out a schedule. A loose schedule, mind you, but something to keep me on task, to keep content flowing, and to keep my fiction/non-fiction ratio a bit more balanced (for no other reason than it helps me stay balanced inside). A loose schedule is great. I thought of things like, “Oh, so I can do a Marketing Monday and write about projects, write about upcoming releases, etc. This way my readers who don’t care about such things can know to skip that day’s post, and those who don’t want to be bothered with the non-writing stuff can know to look for those posts particularly.” It’s a good idea. And then I thought, “Fiber Friday! I can post about knitting projects, or I can tie it in to my job at FiberWytch, or I could babble about a sheep breed or anything fiber related at all!” and that would be cool, and I *know* I’ve got some readers who would be interested in seeing that. And then the bits of me influenced by being a Libra on the cusp of Virgo tried to go micro-manage-y. “Well, Woo-or-Worship Wednesday could be a good mid-week category, and that way you’re sure to get something religious posted every week, too.” Hrm. Okay, maybe that would be all right. “Then maybe Thinky-thoughts Thursday, so you can write about random introspection things, and then that leaves Tuesday to write about whatever you’re reading, and then–”

At which point Poseidon Compartmentbane spoke up and very helpfully pointed out that all I was doing was shifting my compartments all into one space, rather than spreading them out over two spaces. Which is still an improvement, true, but also missing the point. Hail, Poseidon Compartmentbane, Destroyer of Artificial Dividers, Uniter of Selves, Defender of Sanity! There was much eye rolling at myself. I think a two or three on-topic schedule might be a good tool to have — I may keep the thematic schedule down to just Marketing Mondays and FiberyGoodness Fridays, and leave the rest wide, wide open. But I wanted to share the fun that is my brain when she gets on a “organize all the things!!” kick.

And I wanted to thank people, again, for their feedback on this decision. That I apparently made a few years ago, anyway. *sigh* Silly, silly Jo . . . .


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