Changes to the blog — an announcement


It’s entirely likely that my readers response to this is going to be a big, fat “So?” but this is something I’ve turned over in my mind a ton since I started keeping this blog. My idea for this blog originally was an alternative to writing a Poseidon devotional — I wanted it to be a real-time, “this is what life *could* look like, walking hand in hand with the Earth-Shaker”. I envisioned ritual recaps, photos (as though I’m a person who makes taking photos at such times a priority! Easier now with better and better cameras in phones, but I still often don’t remember because I’m not typically a camera person), essays about Him, prayers and hymns — and this blog certainly has all those things. But when I’m reading the blogs about people devoted to their gods and spirits, I like to see more. I like to see how all of that factors into their lives, I like to see the places that you may not expect to find the god or spirit. I am unabashedly a voyeur, and I like to see! On top of which, I realized early on, how can I talk about Poseidon being an unrelenting advocate for compassion without talking about my own struggles with compassion? As a result, there is a lot of introspection to be found within these pages as well.

I want compartments. I want things tidy and neatly labeled and contained. I’m not sure why I decide I want those things, because every time I try to make that happen, in any area of my life, it does not work. If it doesn’t fail spectacularly, it stifles and in general makes me miserable.

I’ve been hesitant to talk about my writing career here. I’ve keep a lot of my book babbling and my knitting babbling and various other bits off here. In part because I want my readers to not have to deal with my religious nuttery in order to read about my upcoming work — and that’s still a valid concern. I did create my other blog to talk about daily life, books, reading, and all that.

I did not want this to be a blog about *me* — at the most I wanted it to be a blog about *us*. Life has become incredibly full: I have one full time and two part-time jobs; I have a house with some chronically ill people in it who need daily care; I have a full, fulfilling, and busy spiritual practice (especially this time of year!) and, yes, I’m participating in NaNoWriMo next month. I’ve been writing more for this blog, and I’m forced to remember that as much as writing fiction fulfills a very real spiritual need (or a few dozen), my spiritual and religious writing fills other needs, so I don’t want to go back to having weeks and weeks between posts here.

It is too much, simply in my mind, to try to keep everything separated out. On top of which, Poseidon has been pushing for some time that I stop trying to. And if we’ll take a minute to mention branding (ugh) I’ll be the first to admit that a pagan audience *is* my target audience when it comes to my fiction. It’s great if non-pagans read my stories too, but I write hoping and intending that the people who read my stories come at it from a mindset of at least believing in the beings I sometimes write about. Or, being open to the possibility that they might be real.

And, to be frank: this blog has more followers, generates more traffic, and has a wider reach. It makes good business sense to talk about my fiction here more.

This is another example of Poseidon “stripping me back to the bone”, too. Getting rid of what does not work, keeping me on track, disallowing illusions to clutter and distract and complicate. I’m a simple person; I want things to be simple and straight-forward. I want to be uncompromisingly myself, and when I falter, He is always there to remind, correct, and encourage me.

Like I said, I’m sure my readers here are all, “Lady, it’s your blog, write what you want!”, but I felt like a small announcement would not go amiss — if for no other reason than to remind myself that, yes, this has been decided.


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  1. I, personally, want to hear more about your writing and knitting, because that is part of you. I enjoy my religious talk mixed in with my mundane things, because that’s what religion looks like to me. I applaud this and encourage it. ❤

    1. naiadis says:

      Those are the sorts of blogs I really enjoy reading, too! The whole integrated life thing. I feel liberated, funnily enough. Which is sad, because I was the one creating and maintaining these particular fetters.

      1. Hurray for liberation! And we really our our greatest jailors.

  2. I like reading about the mundane stuff in a person’s life…because it IS part of their spirit. All of what you do is what makes you YOU.

  3. I want to read it all. As time goes on since the deep times two years ago when Hermes and company turned my life inside out and upside down, I realize that my reality is (just as it was in those months of initiation and service) not separated into mundane and other world, or with the Gods and without. There is only my life and all that it encompasses and all that it encompasses it. I have very few that I can talk to about this(although my book reveals it all) or that share their experiences with having themselves immersed in the Gods. So keep up doing what you are doing, please.


  4. TPWard says:

    I am learning to knit. So yes.

  5. Briar Rose says:

    It’s funny that I see this post right after I publish something more about the mundane part of my life. I like reading blogs about how people’s spiritual and mundane life blend together, and that happens more the further down my path I go.

  6. Soli says:

    count me in!

  7. Miaërowyn says:

    Woohoo!! This is fantastic 🙂

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