modern day worships

Where’s the Support?

Reblogging this because Columbine sums it up better than I could hope to. Those who fought before us so that we could even get this far may not have been on the exact same path, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t reaping those benefits. Just so, we need not be on the exact same path to support those whose paths are parallel to our own. I do not see myself ever hoping to have a public temple like this — my talents, passions, and skill sets do not lie in that direction — but that does not mean that this outcome doesn’t effect me, isn’t important to me.

The dominant religious groups _cannot_ be allowed to decide for everyone what does or does not make a valid religion or religious group, what constitutes a legitimate place of worship. There are at least 10,000 pagans in the US. Every dollar helps. Don’t be the person who decides that your dollar won’t be missed. I’ve donated — have you?

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