Elemental ritual cords, blog posts, videos, random sharing stuff!

First: Beth’s got some new, elemental ritual cords up for sale — do yourself a favor and check those out! Hand-spun, hand-dyed, hand-sewn beauties! Her ritual cords are one of her most popular items, and for good reason! I love watching these things come into creation.

Also blog- and vlogospheres:

I came across this touching blog post that reminds me, as I think of the troubles half the world away, in Gaza, in Iraq, in Nigeria — or even the troubles closer to home (I’m looking at you, Ferguson, but Detroit, you’re not that far behind) — that there are people in this world who get it, regardless of what their faith may be, regardless of what path they walk and which gods walk with them. It reminds me to be compassionate, and gives me something to cling to. As I pray my nightly prayers for oh-too-many who are suffering, as I purposefully expand outside of my bubble, this is the tool I use to keep myself from embracing apathy and despair, and I will take whatever tool I can find to fight that battle.

Another blogpost that’s stuck with me this week has been Heather’s post regarding the concept of community worker as a default setting for any and all spirit workers and/or people involved with the spirits. Beth’s reblog commentary is also worth a read. Let me add to this: I know all too well how caught up in the idea of The Work we can get, especially when others are talking about their Work. My “Work” with Poseidon has always, always been about healing, both self-healing and other-healing. What it’s never really been about has been human-healing. I do have Reiki as part of my particular skill set, and that is human-healing that I do offer, but I do not go out of my way to offer Reiki sessions to people in general. I do semi-regularly offering Reiki sessions to various Other Folk, but if I could be accused of serving a community at Poseidon’s behest, it has never been one that is human-centric. Even when I was doing these offerings four times a month (I had them tied to the moon phases, but that is too much and it fell to the wayside for me) it was something I wanted to do, not something He decided I had to do. I wanted to do something Meaningful(tm) with my life, and if I wasn’t going to go to school to be a vet tech or to help with people, by golly I could do this little thing. At the end of the day, though? I want to write stories. The healing work that I do it by and large for me, and it involves Others, but not other people much, and that’s fine. And it’s stuff I’ve instigated, not stuff Poseidon has wanted me to do, or ordered me to do. They can. They do — I’m not saying it won’t be about the Work, for some. And, it is for me, too — but my Work is writing my stories. It’s sharing the parts of my religious life that I’m (mostly) (more or less) comfortable sharing. It’s living my pagan, polytheistic, married-to-a-god, bound-to-another god life somewhat openly, because in this part of the country that I live I can do so without many negative ramifications. That is my activisim. To live visible all the fringe-ish parts of my life, so that we are not in the shadows, so that we are not pushed back into the darkness, so that those who come after us can live openly, too. They won’t be my daughters or my sons through blood, but they will be, at least in spirit.

I believe that the Gods can get Their messages across without us. How many years of monotheistic tradition has separated us from our pagan ancestors, and look, we are calling the Gods back, more and more and more. No, I don’t believe the Gods need us in order to connect with our descendants five centuries from now . . . but how great will it be for those descendants to not have to do the work we’ve had to do to get as far as we’ve gotten. So, the Gods can do it without us . . . but should They have to?

Speaking of living, breathing traditions, I’ve watched some neat videos this week, as well. (And made some!)

Here’s a glimpse of our Poseidon shrine here at the Nunnery. Hail Poseidon!

Silence has posted a tour of one of his shrines, which of course you should check out. (Watch the rest while you’re there!)

Miaerowyn recorded a response to the 7 Witchy Questions tag, and I’m so glad that she did!

And last, but not least, Beth’s made a tour of our Odin shrine, which you can watch:

2 thoughts on “Elemental ritual cords, blog posts, videos, random sharing stuff!

  1. I read Heather’s post too, and it really struck a cord. Not that I am Godspouse, but it just really speaks to the defined boxes we put around the roles we perform and talk about.
    Why does being a particular thing mean that we are automatically another thing that is often attached to it? Ugh. I understand needing to know what’s generally associated with certain roles, but that doesn’t mean each and every single Godspouse or whatever is also going to be a community worker. Le Sigh.

    Also, thanks… now I have ALL. THE. VIDEOS. TO. WATCH. šŸ˜‰ At least they’re all in one spot!

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