Thoughts, links, babbles — in bullet points!

  • Season of the Seeker is enrolling for a new class! I’ll talk more about this in a future post, during this week, but for now I want to pass on that Anni has opened up enrollment for another class. Go watch her video about it. I’ve gained much from participating in this course, despite the ground being covered being quite elementary (heehee). Joking aside, this has helped me shake up assumptions I’ve made about myself, and Anni’s enthusiasm for learning and sharing alone is enough to make this course worth it.
  • The Vigil has come to an end for this year, and I’m still processing the entire thing. I feel as though I’ve failed in a number of ways — primarily in that my day job really took precedence this year. Was that avoidable? Not while also working at said day job. We are seriously understaffed and have undergone a remodel, and the stress is through the roof. Because of this, Poseidon lifted a number of the taboos that surround this vigil, and He set some alternative ones down in their stead. Energy work did happen, though not precisely the way I would have preferred, but that’s on me, and I can’t say that I failed in that, either. I feel that I failed to keep my mind  where I feel it ought to have been. He says that I’m trying to make it have been exactly like last year, and that I need to guard against making the previous year be the gold standard. He reminds me that the point of these things is to be here, now. It’s not really a vigil if I’m not here holding the vigil.
  • There have been some awesome videos on Youtube lately, talking both about Revivalism as an approach to polytheism, and about Immersive  polytheism as a methodology in bringing that polytheism into our lives. Immersive is a term coined as a distinction from devotional polytheism, and it’s one I like quite a bit. I’m still on the fence regarding that distinction — Silence points out quite correctly that ‘devotional polytheism’ serves as a decentralized term, something that is useful and needful for those of us who are not walking a tradition-specific path. I don’t favor the term devotional polytheist, largely because I fear there are connotations of elitism (intended or not) with that term, but also because immersive is just more inclusive. Devotion in the modern sense of the word is part of my daily life with my gods — it’s neither better nor worse than whatever daily life with ones gods looks like if it does not include standing at a shrine and offering prayers, but simply different — yet standing at the shrine in the morning is not the be all, end all of my life with my gods, and sometimes, I skip that shrine stop altogether. It is where I am, internally with my gods, that really matters. A shrine is, in the end, a physical representation for me. Poseidon has made it clear that He is not the shrine, does not live in the shrine, etc.
  • Check out those videos! Camilla Laurentine’s can be found on her channel; Beth’s response is here, and her addendum is here; Silence’s video is here; (and so, so very happy to see Silence make a video!); Columbine’s video is here. This is, to me, a thought-provoking discussion on the words we use to explain ourselves, without the holier-than-thou attitudes that quite often seems to permeate this discussion. (Admittedly I’m biased. These are some of my favorite people.)
  • Vet visit, in an hour and a half. Nervous about that. The Corbster has been coughing more, lately.
  • Dentist visit, in six hours. Less nervous about that, will be more so once Dr. Bonnie has come and gone.
  • Excited about writing again. This means that I’m becoming less exhausted as the time goes by. Now if only I could score two days off in a row . . . .

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