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Some thoughts on the Vigil

Minor babbbling — I was spot on with regards to how this observance of the Vigil is playing out. Poseidon and I are having some great/heavy conversations. I can’t say that this year isn’t as intense as it was last year, because I find myself overwhelmed and struggling, but it’s intense in different directions, and I feel a bit as though this year He is trying to distract me (possibly Himself?) from the depth of the Grief that He feels over this slaughter. (And it’s not just THIS slaughter. This slaughter is acting as a representation over all needless slaughter.) There are taboos that I observe for this Vigil that have been lifted, some that have themselves been made taboo for this year, and new taboos put in place. Living tradition, right? Walking with the gods and spirits. The same journey is never the same journey.

2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on the Vigil

    1. I have! I blogged about it last year nearly every day of the Vigil (I was still struggling with what I wanted to call it last year, if I recall correctly.) You can find the posts on the Poseidon Festival page; Poseidon Taureos or Running of the Bulls 2013.

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