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Intro to Revivalism

I am so excited to see Immersive polytheistic Revivalism becoming a thing. I do not like the term ‘devotional polytheism’ for a number of reasons that I’ll possibly get into int the future. Yes, immervise polytheist revivalism is a mouth full, but it is also the first collection of labels beyond “pagan” or “polytheist” that have made me say, “oh, yes, that’s exactly right!”

Camille talks specifically about her Roman variety of Revivalism in this video, and also what she means by Revivalism. I cannot wait to see more videos by her on this topic, and I can’t wait to see others writing about this. I know I’ve already got a view videos in mind, and oh look, I have some time off on Thursday . . .

Foxglove & Firmitas

My basic run-down of what I mean when I talk about Revivalism and the Revivalist Movement within Polytheism and Paganism.   I promise to get better at video blogging! And I will be attempting to get a transcript available asap.


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2 thoughts on “Intro to Revivalism

  1. I hope she decides to write about this idea, as well. I’m not a big fan of video content (I like to scan the text first to decide if a deeper reading strikes my fancy), and this video is so quiet I couldn’t hear it over the ambient noise in my house. I’m curious what she has to say, though!

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