Huge Ritual Cord Update!


I often feel hesitant to advertise on this blog because, in my mind, this blog is not about selling things, it’s about sharing my devotional practices, my introspection, my contemplating. The idea has always been to use the blog as a way to show people what a life lived devoted to one’s gods might look like.

Well, in my household, this is literally what it looks like. As with my fiction writing, Beth’s fiber art greatly informs her spiritual practice. The reverse is also true. There are a multitude of ways to pray, countless ways to honor the gods and spirits in your lives, to even simply honor that the gods and spirits exist. For some, it’s standing before a shrine. For others it’s immersing yourself in nature. For some it’s sitting your butt down in a chair and spinning fiber into yarn, or spinning words into a tale. There is something absolutely magical about taking raw materials (it doesn’t get much more raw than shorn from the sheep’s back scant hours before the fleece is in our bathtub) and creating something usable from it. And then she does a bit more and makes the magical magical. Her ritual cords are stunning. I wish that there was a way to share their feel with you via the computer. At the very least, go and look and allow your eyes to take in their beauty.


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