Misogyny In Modern Hellenismos


Heh. This rather goes along a bit with my previous post (and I’ll admit, was part of the inspiration). I was in that FB group. I didn’t see the original picture. I was one of the women who left, and I’d like to think I’d’ve left even if I’d been a man. I left because of the tone of the responses to any objection. Sorry, I’m fine with being in groups where people don’t agree and can discuss it. Blame my early exposure to pagans who could discern the difference between debating ideas versus having to belittle someone to prove their point. I have no patience for it, and no place for it in my life.

I will go so far as to say this: you cannot truly expect me to believe that you are *actually* doing anything at all to honor Aphrodite — or any goddess, who is more than just a god with a vagina rather than a penis — if 1) you must resort to euphemisms like a teenager when speaking of a vagina (or cunt, if you prefer) with or without pubic hair and 2) you are essentially saying, “Female, you have nothing of value to say about the representation of the female form in a public space.

Both of these things happened there. Cora is better than I am — had I those screen shots, I would not be blacking out names. Brava for sharing the comments though, Cora! Even if you are feminist neo-pagan who can’t appreciate a good mansplainin’.

The Heart of the Matter

Misogyny: Hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.

It all started with a photo posted in a public Facebook Hellenic Polytheist group of a former playmate/porn star laying back, spread eagle, showing off her personal grooming preference. All in praise of Aphrodite.

The photograph was immediately reported to Facebook for its pornographic content and was deleted, and then, the flood gates of misogyny came pouring out.

In that one day, in that one group, there were four posts about women’s “bush”. Four posts talking about the aesthetics of a woman shaving or “going natural”.

Four posts, people.

Four posts.

Three of the four posts were headlined with a photo of a woman’s “bush”.  Two of them were of ancient statues with no other description of the photo other than “bush”.

I commented in response to one of these photos and this is what ensued:


Misogyny: Hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.

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