Season of the Seeker

For those of you not in the know, in December I began a course run by Ahneke Greystone called Season of the Seeker. I came across Anni via her YT channel back in October when I was laid up, and the timing was perfect. I’ve talked a bit before about how I discovered the course, how the timing was perfect, and how grateful I am for having stumbled across her work at the perfect time. We’re 35 lessons in now, in my particular group, and that hasn’t changed.

It’s interesting and challenging and wonderful, learning with people who are coming at this from different places. I love the Wiccan flavor Anni brings to the course. I need to wax poetic a bit about how valuable this has been for me, why and how, but for now, I want to plug her course.

She’s gathering up the last of her Season of the Seeker groups, for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in this at all, you need to move fast! Anni’s wonder and love for exploration is refreshing and encouraging; more, for me, it’s helped me to hold on the idea that we *can* love our path, our gods, our lives. It’s helped me to remember that we don’t have to be exhausted and worn out, that we can share of ourselves without being depleted, that not everyone who has been at this a long time is necessarily territorial, jealous, or feel threatened by others traveling a similar path.

Corresponding with Anni and the others in my group these last few months has helped me love my spiritual practice again, for its own sake. It’s been crucial in helping me put *myself* back into my relationship with my gods and spirits, sad as that is.

You do not need to be new, or Wiccan, or clearly defined, to gain from this course. I cannot, cannot recommend Season of the Seeker highly enough.


One thought on “Season of the Seeker

  1. I want to second that motion. I am in a different group, so much farther behind. I have been practicing for over 40 years, and have already gotten so much out of the course. Nothing like a new way of looking at things…or a really good review, to give you pause and a fresh outlook.

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