I see Him in everything, everywhere . . .

With my focus turned toward the elements, and contemplating which element I have the most affinity with, I naturally thought of Poseidon, and Water. Because . . . well. Obviously, right?

Except, when I think of all the elements, I think of Poseidon. Earth brings to mind many things: Earth-Shaker, Holder of the Earth, His ties to horses and bulls, His connection with Rhea and with Gaia, with Demeter, the thoughts of some that His name means Husband of the Earth, the connection with Neptune and Neptune’s connection with the cornucopia . . . it goes on. Fire brings to mind earthquakes and volcanoes and the fires of the earth . . Air brings to mind hurricanes and violent rain storms. Yes, these last two bring Pops to mind as well, but Poseidon, everywhere, always, Poseidon.

It’s happy-making, realizing how much space He takes up, within my soul.


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