World Hijab Day . . . again!

I missed it. On the one hand, that’s perfectly fine, because I was barely out of the house on the 1st. One the other hand, I did actually leave the house, and so I would have had an opportunity to wear my scarves that way, in support.

I typically do not wear my scarf in a hijab-style. I have, a time or two, and let me tell you: I’ve loved it. It’s never really hijab-styled, because I always leave my bangs out, but wrapped around and covering almost everything, including my neck? I adore it. More over, it triggers less migraines, when I’m using pins rather than just tying. The scarves I have (and it has been ages since I’ve purchased new ones) I favor largely because I can tie them and they mostly stay put. But I’m limited on how I can wear them, because my head has a number of trigger points. Usually it’s not even tichel-style any more, but kerchief style, with two to maximize coverage. Funnily enough, except for when I’m at my job, Poseidon does not care how much of my hair shows; the desire for more full coverage is completely my own.

I think World Hijab Day is an important day. As someone who does cover for religious reasons, the idea that anyone would not be allowed to horrifies me. The idea that someone who has nothing to do with my life at all getting to decide one way or another about what I wear or do not wear horrifies me. Doesn’t matter if you understand why I do what I do, or if you agree with me or not. There are tons of things about Islam, for example, that I don’t agree with . . . let’s start with monotheism, right? I don’t get it. Not only do I not get it, but I do believe monotheism is at the root of a lot of the issues we humans have with one another. Maybe not monotheism exactly, but what it represents, what it supports, what it favors. “Us or them. This way or that way. One choice, or this other opposite choice.” The black and white, the no room from nuances. It’s a flaw of humanity, and monotheism may very well be a symptom of that flaw rather than the cause of it, but I still don’t agree with monotheism. . .

But I do agree with personal freedom. I do agree that cloth on one’s body, or lack there of, should mean nothing at all to you, that choice matters. I believe that people walking down the street fully covered should be as safe and as free to do so as anyone else. (I also believe people walking down the street nekkid should be safe, too. Personal self control, people, and not being jerks, or worse. That’s the standard we should hold ourselves up to.)

Apparently there was a commerical featuring hijabis during the Superbowl. (Didn’t see it, don’t watch TV). Apparently there’s been huge, racial backlash. Shocking. I’m happy to live in my bubble. I think the timing is interesting. I wish I had remembered WHD in time to wear my scarf that way, grocery shopping. I’m also a tad relieved that I didn’t have to, and that’s sad. My town is not that sort of a town . . . we have a number of hijabis, and while I don’t interact with them much at all, I do watch. I do hover near by. I do have a mother hen mentality that does rear up . . . just in case. Just in case. I don’t think anyone would say anything to me, and on top of that, I already cover, all the time. So it’s funny that a change in style would cause such anxiety. And it’s sad that something so simple as a piece of fabric upon one’s head would cause such angst.

I hear about pagans covering more and more every day, and it’s exciting. I love seeing such variety within the pagan world. I love seeing people doing what they are called to do, I love them exploring new things, trying different ways of doing things. And, yeah, I’m a dork. I love that the visibility of head-covering pagans is so much more than what it was when I started, oh so long ago. I used to be able to count on three fingers the pagans I knew of who covered, even part time. Now? Now, it has exploded, and that’s great!


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