Women, small dogs, and the gods that love them

Get my good side!

Get my good side!

We had our vet out today, and it went more or less the way we expected it to go. Corbie’s developed an intermittent cough, and during the springtime (or shall we call it the Season of Random Minor Bleeding with No Apparent Cause That Eventually Went Away On Its Own After We Threw A Few Hundred Dollars At It) our doctor did mention the dreaded phrase ‘heart murmur’, so Beth and I decided to have her out to take a listen and a lookseeloo.

The murmur sounds louder, and more telling, his heart looks a bit larger than it did months ago. So, we’re starting him on maintenance medication to help keep this under control. Another few hundred dollars, and we’re looking at a good $100 dollars a month for medication. [Edited because my math skills are not.] It’s gonna be tight. I’m mentally adding up things in my head, and yeah, I’m panicking, just a little.




Theogamia is almost upon us. We have our Feast for a Fallen King and Ewemolc coming up after that, and then I celebrate my anniversary. Beth and I started planning the food-stuffs for our two-day holiday: honey with the comb, bacon and pancakes, goat milk and sheep cheeses. We share in the feast for these, it’s not given holocaust. After today, we’re scaling back, and you know? I’m grateful for that. I get too lost sometimes in the THINGS, even when I think I’m not. Today, I feel my gods with me. Today, I know that we will make it through. Today I feel Poseidon extending His love toward Master Corbington, and I remember His affection towards Angel. Today I feel Family gathering around me, and I remember what this is all about, and I feel cherished.


We have a follow-up in three weeks. Please keep our piglet in your thoughts and prayers! Corbie J. is happily accepting any and all energy and Reiki anyone cares to send, and requests that you try to figure out a way to send treats via distance, too!


8 thoughts on “Women, small dogs, and the gods that love them

  1. Oh, pet stuff is the worst. Glad you caught the murmur/heart issues before they got to a crisis point. My late cat had an unknown murmur that caused all sorts of other issues that ended leading to him needing to be put down. If I had known, I would have dealt with it right away.

    • Thank you. Pet stuff *is* the worst. Cats are terrible at letting us know when something’s wrong. I’m sorry that you had to go through that. We at least had warning that this might happen, and so yay for catching it early. My last dog went through this, but he was a sneaky dog and we didn’t have a clue until it was too late. If we can keep Corbie from going through the last weeks of what Angel went through, I’ll call it good.

      Just, you know . . . not yet would be awesome. And the vet seemed hopeful. So now it’s just “let’s see how he responds to medication.” So. . . all the fingers are crossed, and prayers, oh the prayers.

  2. Best wishes for Corbie’s good health. He’s a sweet dog.

    Our cat has chronic hairballs, bad teeth, arthritic hips, and a mild heart murmur. With all that, he seems to enjoy life and bounces around, so we’ll keep him with us for as long as he’s happy and comfortable and let him go when he’s ready.

    • We are too, and we’re very hopeful that this medication is going to help! He is certainly thrilled with his doctor prescribed twice-daily “treats” . . .

    • Thank you! Corbie will take all the good wishing he can get. As of right now, we’re okay w/r/t medication expenses. If that changes, I’ll let you know. Thanks for the offer.

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