Posts I’ve been enjoying, and maybe you will too!

The last few weeks I’ve been getting caught up on some things set aside while I dealt with illness and sleeplessness (a sleepy Jo is a cranky Jo. Poor Beth). I’m still playing catch up, particularly now with writing projects, and I’m going to focus less on catching up and more on just getting back in the saddle.

Part of getting caught up is managing my time properly, which means way less random FB scrolling. Which I’m torn about, because FB is a great way to stay in contact with people . . . but I keep thinking I’m more social than I am. It’s difficult, because I genuinely enjoy the interactions I have with people, and having a smart phone has made that faster/more immediate/yay instant gratification! Except, there are reasons I don’t go and hang out in public with large groups of people, and that’s true for formats like FB, too. I have a good time . . . and I don’t get anything else done. I can’t focus. That’s not anyone’s fault but my own, but it is what it is, so I’m scaling back and aiming to focus more on . . . focused reading, while in transit. Which is a looooong preamble to say, I’ve found some neat posts these last few weeks, and wanted to share.

First, we’ve got Beth’s Pagan Blog Project series, where she’s exploring various heiti of Odin’s. She’s covered All Father and Blindi. She’s discussed before doing this, and I’m so glad she finally has. I love when she writes about Odin.

Then there’s Caer’s Growing Devotions series. I’ve only read the first two so far, adn it’s the second one that I was so very thrilled to see. There has been a thread woven through recently (or maybe it’s not recent, maybe it’s only come into my awareness recently) that we are here to serve and worship the gods because they are the gods and they deserve it, and religion should not be therapy. I’ve written before about how I don’t agree with that, and in honesty, Caer’s post here doesn’t specifically touch upon that, but the post does make it clear that we are as much a part of our devotional practice as our spirits are. I don’t agree that we are here to serve and worship the gods because they are gods. I don’t worship Poseidon *because* He is a god; there are an infinite number of gods, and I don’t worship even a quarter of them. Things happened, and then I began to worship those whom I worship, not the other way around. I admit that it may be different for others, but I really, really cannot stand the “it’s always this way” declarations. Caer’s second post in this series in particular has turned my mind toward deeper reflection upon the importance of us in our devotions, and there is a blog post gestating.

(Her writing in general has been a delight to discover. How did I not know, all these years?)

And then, I’ve been reading Shauna Aura Knight’s blog, especially her Pagan Leadership series (of which there are currently two posts). Perhaps it’s not so healthy, but it’s been good to remember that the unsettling behaviors of others that leave a sour taste is my mouth is not something that only one subset of paganism faces. (Really, it’s not something only paganism faces, period). Maybe it’s sad that I find comfort in knowing that this is a bit wider spread that it seems, but there it is.

I’ve also been finding interesting blogs via the Pagan Blog Project. In particular I’ve enjoyed this post by Jack-a-dreams, That Baffled Look, Your paganism is showing over at Stumbling Through Faith. . . there were others I wanted to mention, but, heh. I didn’t write them down, and my brain did not hold them. Drat. Anyway, this is a good selection, and it shows a bit where my headspace is at, lately. Thought I’d share. so I did.



5 thoughts on “Posts I’ve been enjoying, and maybe you will too!

    • I have, in the course of 2013, completely forgotten about your blog (too many great blogs, too little time) and so now there’s this whole year’s worth of material to read through at my leisure. It’s kinda exciting. I greatly enjoyed that post, and it’s set me down some different paths of contemplation, so thank you for that.

  1. I’m glad that my posts are useful to you. And I totally hear you–it’s a weird sort of comfort to know that it’s not “just you.” I hear that all the time when I travel and teach. “I thought it was just me.”

    I’ve just posted the next one, and I’ll be posting another today or tomorrow on why I hate the phrase “herding cats” when applied to Pagans. 🙂

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