Hail Poseidon of Growth!

I was going to get stuff written up about this last night; however serious coughing and a not-treated-exactly-right (maintenance exercise? HA!) back injury from October conspired to see me in bed with sleepy making medicine instead. Cannot type like that. So, hopefully it’ll be up tomorrow. Though, tomorrow will be AFTER the ritual. Ah well.

But I did want to mention it today, this morning, just in case anyone else feels so inclined. It’s today only because I say so; it need not be. Here, where I live, the signs of spring are already out, and so, this is when I observe this day. 



2 thoughts on “Hail Poseidon of Growth!

    • WP ate my reply. Damn you WP.

      Don’t be too envious. We are, after all, the land of Perpetual Allergies, the land where people go to experience allergies like they’ve never experienced them before. It’s what we do. 🙂

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